My Current Favourites

I thought I’d start the blog back up by curating a few of my favourite things right now….

1. First up is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque and their Men’s Lip Balm! The mask, I got a sample of at the start of the month when I was doing some shopping in Kiehl’s and I will 110% be purchasing the full-size tub. This is a moisturising masque that you apply after cleansing your skin and leave on overnight. It’s aim is to “replenish your skin’s water reserves”. I’ve always struggled with my skin and my T-Zone can often get very dry, but after using this product my skin genuinely felt so hydrated and refreshed it was great! I used it around 3 nights a week and the results were really visible and I honestly think it’s cleared up my skin, a lot. The lip balm is also super hydrating and stays matte, which is exactly what I need, especially in the cold weather right now.

2. Next, is this Louis Vuitton card holder, its made with their traditional leather and embossed with a Volez Voguez Voyagez design, which I love! It can fit about two cards in which is perfect for nights out when I don’t want too much bulk in my pockets! And, I got it as a freebie because my parcel was delayed which makes it even more amazing.

3. Crep Protect is my 3rd current favourite. I’m such a lover of trainers and shoes in general and this stuff keeps them protected so well! I managed to keep my new NMD’s really fresh, even in the rainy UK weather! I got a gift set with their cleaning solution and wipes and they’re also super helpful for if I do get my shoes dirty. Since having them I always have a couple wipes in my backpack for emergencies!

4. Finally, a bit of reading for you all… I loved “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson. I read it whilst on holiday in Lanzarote in January and it was a really refreshing perspective to start the year! I’d 100% recommend it!

On the same refreshing wavelength, I’m super happy to be back to my blog and I’m keen to work hard and produce some really great fashion and travel content so stay tuned through 2018 and be sure to follow my social media channels (Links in sidebar).

October Favourites

I can’t believe it’s November already but another month has passed so I thought I’d share with you a handful of my favourite things from October…

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The first of my favourites is this awesome large scrabble piece, which I bought from The Vintage StoreI absolutely love this, it fits so well in my bedroom, and looks great above my desk. Although I don’t have my own house I really love homeware and interior design, and when I saw this piece I had to get it.

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My second favourite thing is my Penny Board. When I first ordered my Penny Board all of my friends and family were constantly telling me I wouldn’t use it but since I got it I’ve been on it whenever possible. I really enjoy it and it has definitely been one of my favourite things this month!

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Next, is Maroon 5’s new album ‘V’. I included a couple of tracks from this album on my last playlist and have been listening to the full album on repeat all month, and surprisingly I haven’t got bored with any of the songs. It’s an awesome album and if you’ve not heard it already I’d definitely check it out.

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My final favourites of last month are the fcuk urban – deodorant and body spray. When my last can of deodorant ran out I saw these in Boots and it was 2 for £5 so I decided to get the deodorant and body spray. I love them. The deodorant is great, it lasts all day long without a doubt and I keep the body spray in my school bag just incase I want to smell a bit fresher throughout the day. Both of them have the same scent and it smells great; it’s really fresh and just a nice scent, for any occasion, as it says on the can.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what my October favourites were, be sure to let me know what yours are.




August Favourites


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving had a Tommy Hilfiger aftershave last year and loving it, when my current aftershave ran out, and I saw ‘Tommy’ on sale I couldn’t resist it.  It has a fresh, citrus scent to it, that smells good all year round and it lasts all day long, with no problem.



TRXYE is Troye Sivan’s new EP. I was so excited about TRXYE I stayed up until midnight so I could listen straight away and I was not disappointed. I love all of the tracks, especially Fun, and I’ve had it on repeat for days! I really would recommend TRXYE. Troye has an amazing and unique style, which I love and he has done incredibly well! You can listen to a preview of all the songs here!

Yankee Candle – Black Coconut

IMG_4135This candle smells and looks amazing! When Eleanor got me this candle a few weeks ago I was really excited to light it and see what it was like. The scent is really nice, it has a nice subtle coconut smell with a musky aroma. It is a relaxing, refreshing candle. I was really pleased that even when the candle is not burning in my room you can still smell it. It’s not a feminine smell, like a lot of candles are, so it is a pleasant smell to have in my room.

Cereal Magazine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter reading about Cereal in Steve’s ‘Travel Essentials’ blog post I ordered myself a copy of their latest volume! Within a couple of days my magazine arrived and I spent most of my day reading it. I absolutely love it! Cereal is a travel and lifestyle magazine, this volume featured Singapore, Brecon Beacons, Sunglasses, Succulents and Vancouver. I really enjoyed reading all of the articles, and I particularly enjoyed the ‘Summer Vibe’ Photo Essay. CEREAL is really aesthetically pleasing, it’s neat, it’s simple and it just looks great! It has really given me some photography and writing inspiration. I’ll definitely be buying more of these magazines!

Apple TV

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI watch a lot of YouTube and watching the videos on my phone screen, is too small sometimes, and it also means I can’t tweet or text whilst I’m watching the videos, so I decided to buy an Apple TV. Since buying it I’ve used it everyday and it’s great. I can stream a video from my phone onto my TV, or use the YouTube application on the Apple TV. I also use it to play films through iTunes and listen to music. If you have a lot of films on your iTunes account or watch a lot of YouTube I would one hundred percent recommend Apple TV for streaming them! I love the design, it is simple, sleek and compact. Also, I particularly love the remote, it is so slim and minimal it is stunning. I am a big fan of the design.

These are all my monthly favourites this month, what have been your favourite things in August?