November Favourites


It’s the beginning of a new month and so I thought I’d share with you a small selection of the items I was loving last month.


First off, we have “Inside Vogue” a diary book written by Alexandra Shulman, Editor in Chief at British Vogue. I picked up this book after watching BBC’s “Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue” documentary, which documented the goings on of Vogue, particularly Alexandra Shulman, during Vogue’s centenary year. I love the fashion industry and have aspirations of becoming a fashion photographer so seeing the ins and outs of the industry was really interesting for me and I needed to know more – Shulman’s book is a great insight and throughly interesting, I have loved reading it and if you’re interested in Vogue, or the fashion scene I would definitely recommend picking it up.



By far one of the most used apps on my iPhone… UNUM is perfect for those of you who are as obsessed and meticulous as I am with you’re Instagram feed. The app is just what I have been after for YEARS and now I finally have my hands on it!

It allows you to pre-plan your Instagram images and shuffle them around to see what it will look like without having to physically upload them for your followers to see, then when you’re ready to publish them you can export straight from the app. If you’re a perfectionist and an Instagram addict… download it!





Last but not least, my third favourite of last month, my Adidas Stan Smith trainers! I have been desperate for these shoes for ages and I finally picked them up on Black Friday and although I’ve only had them for a week, I love them and I can tell they will definitely become one of my favourite shoes. I will be doing a full review/style post featuring the shoes in the coming weeks so if you want to know more stay tuned and make sure to follow me on social media for updates.

Pages from my Travelogue

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SCAN0004The Travelogue has a collection of awesome little maps which you can scratch off once you’ve visited a place, as you can see Lanzarote is pretty tiny when put on the map!


As you open up the journal there’s plenty of spaces for you to plan your trip, including LOADS of space for checklists. I find making lists is an easy and useful way of keeping organised whilst away and the Travelogue helps with this by printing some essential items into the book and then giving you more space to write your own lists.

Further on in the book there is a section for memorabilia and photos, so I thought I’d share a few of these pages…


SCAN0005SCAN0008The Travelogue is a great companion to have whilst you’re off adventuring I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in documenting and remembering their travels!

This was a sponsored post. However ALL opinions mentioned were ENTIRELY my own. Thanks to Luckies of London  for sending Eleanor and I their Travelogue to review. If you have any PR enquiries please send them via my Contact page.


For anyone that has me on Snapchat (adam_kay1999) you may have seen that last week I received a parcel which I called a ‘super exciting parcel’. It’s something I worked on towards the start of the year that is now ready to be revealed. So… here it is:

The Ultimate Book Of Travel ExperiencesProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This is the ‘Ultimate Book Of Travel Experiences’. A project I am thrilled to have worked on with many other talented individuals. Waaayyyyyyy back in March this year I got an email in my inbox from a man named Jake; Jake is the creator of this awesome little book and in his email he explained to me what the Ultimate Book Of Travel Experiences is and, more importantly, if I would like to be a part of it. As any keen writer and traveller would, I said yes!

So, to put it simply the Ultimate Book Of Travel Experiences is a collection of stories from bloggers, photographers, filmmakers and general globe trotters who all have equally amazing stories to share from adventures in every corner of the world.

I am hugely excited and to not only be a part of this book and have my work featured in the book but also to read other peoples incredible stories. My story is entitled ‘High Rise in New York City’ and I can’t wait for you to read it, I think it’s an all round excellent book because it features such a wide variety of writing and destinations, no story is similar and that’s what makes it so cool.

Hopefully you are as excited as I am for this book, if you want to grab a copy then it’s available NOW from Amazon, Lulu and for any American readers: Barnes & Noble. If you want to find where to buy it in the future they’ll be a ‘Shop’ button on the menu of my blog.

If you do grab yourself a copy make sure to send me photos and your thoughts in the comment section below, on Instagram (@even_the_stars_fall) and Twitter (@adjoka99) I can’t wait to see!



Last week I had my college induction days; a scary and stressful time for any 16 year old, having to decide on what subjects to take for your A Levels, learning how to get around a brand new school, you know the drill. But, one thing I didn’t have to worry about whilst at college was not having a notebook!

The lovely people over at Word. Notebooks recently sent me a bunch of they’re super handy, pocket-sized notebooks. Which meant that I was never short of paper and as long as I remembered to take notes then I wouldn’t forget any pieces of vital information. The notebooks come in a variety of prints; plain, camouflage and even floral making them the perfect piece of stationery for anyone and everyone. All of the pages are lined and feature Word’s efficient and unique bullet point system. It goes like this: ‘Simply fill in the bullet point when writing an item on that line. Trace the circle around it when it’s important and add a slash when you’ve started work on it. Once the task is complete, simply mark down an “X” and move on to the next item on your list.’


As well as standard notebooks Word also offer a range entitled ‘The Adventure Log’, available in black or yellow. These notebooks are perfect for those of you, like me, who love travel, adventuring and having a sense of wanderlust. The adventure log gives you the ability to note down all the important details of your latest escapade on one page and are a great way to store your memories. I will be carrying mine with me everywhere and believe they should be a part of everyone’s travel essentials, they’re easy to bring with you anywhere in the world as they just slip into your pocket.

Make sure to check out Word. and follow them on all of their social media sites for more about these awesome notebooks: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

This was a sponsored post. However ALL opinions mentioned were ENTIRELY my own. Thanks to Word for sending me their notebooks to review. If you have any PR enquiries please send them via my Contact page.

What’s In My Bag – Travel Edition

On Friday I’m going on holiday with my family for a week in Cornwall, so I’ve compiled a list of my essential holiday items for you guys…

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When I go on holiday I normally take 2 cameras. One for vlogging and one for photography. My vlogging camera is a Canon SX280. It isn’t an extremely expensive camera but the video and photo quality is really good. The other camera I take is an Olympus E-PM1. It’s a micro four thirds camera and I have two lenses, a 14-42mm and 40-150mm. It’s a great camera and I think it’s perfect for a beginner photographer. It’s fairly small, lightweight and you get great results. I use both of these cameras to take a majority of my Instagram photos too, so check out my feed.

I love long journeys when you just put your headphones on and watch the world go by. I have a pair of Sony headphones, that are not expensive at all but the sound is really clear and I definitely recommend them, I use them all the time to listen to music and edit videos on the go.

I’ve mentioned Cereal magazine before on my blog and I love it. I recently got their latest and longest issue to take with me as my holiday read. It includes articles on New York, Marrakech, and a new lifestyle section ‘Curated by Cereal’. It looks great and I can’t wait to start reading.

I am obviously an internet kid so when I go on holiday I always take my laptop. Simply so I can watch YouTube, blog and edit videos. The week I am in Cornwall I will be trying to daily vlog my adventures so make sure you subscribe to my channel to get the latest videos and watch back the old ones.

A couple of weeks ago I got a Penny Board Nickel and I love it! I’m surprised at how much I enjoy cruising around on it.  I decided to get a Nickel because lots of people said they were easier to learn on, since I’d never skated before. So I’m taking it on holiday with me and hopefully I’ll get chance to have some Penny Board adventures!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’m taking on holiday with me and I hope you’ll enjoy watching what I get up to in my daily vlogs!



The Pointless Book

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week, one of my favourite YouTubers, Alfie Deyes, released his first ever book ‘The Pointless Book’, and it is as it says on the back ‘the ultimate addition to his YouTube channel’. Alfie’s book is filled with challenges, games and activities to complete. As well as this you can also download, for free, ‘The Pointless App’ which works alongside the book to create the best experience possible. You simply use the apps camera feature to scan over a page in your book that includes the ‘Scan Here’ icon and either an exclusive video will appear on-screen, or a copy of the page that Alfie filled in. Alfie has filmed all of the videos just for the book and they can’t be found on his YouTube channel. There are also secret videos to be found amongst the book!

Another cool thing about the app is that all the videos are loaded into it, so even when you are out and about with no WiFi you can watch and enjoy!

I love Alfie’s  book, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Alfie, or just someone who gets bored easily and wants some fun things to do with their time! I’m also going to be starting a series on my YouTube channel of me doing some of the challenges and activities from the book, so keep an eye out for that. If you have the book already comment below what your favourite page is!


Wreck This Journal… Everywhere

I have had a ‘Wreck This Journal’ for a whole year now and I’ve loved it, in fact once I’d completely wrecked it… I bought a second journal, so I could wreck it all over again. But… 
Recently whilst browsing the shelves of W H Smiths I spotted a tiny little book on the end of a shelf entitled ‘Wreck This Journal. Everywhere’. I was thrilled. I quickly grabbed the book and flicked through the pages, all new ways to wreck, in a scaled down pocket sized journal. I glanced at the price (£5.99) and hurried to the counter. I could not wait to begin wrecking my new journal.
If you aren’t sure what a “Wreck This Journal” is, it’s a book, but not a reading book it is more of an activity book that has instructions on each page for you to complete. There are things like: “Climb Up High. Drop The Journal”, “Rub Here With Dirt”, “Make A Mark Everytime You Spot A Bird”.
Keri Smith does a whole range of cool, unique books such as “The Pocket Scavenger” and I’d love to have a go at all of them one day!
I’ll be posting more about my new journal as I start to complete it. I really would recommend the Keri Smith books I think they’re awesome, they’re so fun and creative for everyone.