Converse x CDG

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If you’re anything like me, you probably follow a lot of streetwear accounts on Instagram and Twitter etc. If that’s true then you’ll most likely have seen these shoes before; they’re the 70’s style Chuck Taylor’s created in collaboration with Comme des Garçons.

I love these shoes and have wanted them for a while, so when my old pair of converse had seen better days I decided I would upgrade and get myself a pair. They come in two colour-ways (black and off white) and also in both low top and high top styles. I went with the low top, off white variation because in the past I’ve found low tops more comfortable and I thought the colour would go with absolutely everything… you can’t really go wrong! Although I definitely have my eyes on the black pair now too.

Being based on the original 70’s Chuck Taylor’s, the CDG’s have a higher rubber sole as well as more padding inside the shoe, making them more comfortable and durable than your standard converse. After having them several months they have become a staple and wearing them often I am really pleased with the condition they’ve stayed in – being a pale colour I was worried they would be ruined within weeks but they clean up really well and still look in new condition.

If you’re thinking about getting a pair of Converse x CDG I would 100% recommend them. My favourite part of the shoe is the contrast stipe that goes up the back of the shoe, it makes them different to other Converse and I really like that! They’re definitely my favourite shoe in my collection at the moment and I hope to get the black pair eventually as well.

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