I am back!


It seems like an eternity since I uploaded onto this blog, but I am finally back! I’ve missed blogging every week but I am also really glad I had a break, I began feeling uninspired by what I was producing and not enjoying it as much. Each week I felt the content was very much the same and that wasn’t what I wanted. 

Although I didn’t intend to be away this long, it’s done me good. I’m back with a fresh style that has evolved and become something I’m really passionate about, I’m focused and know exactly the kind of content I want to be uploading. And, the site is updated… I have a brand new design which I love, a new URL (My blog can now be found at createdbyadamkay.com) and a few new focuses.

My site will continue to be a fashion and lifestyle blog, but I am now going to primarily focus on streetwear as that is my biggest interest and the style I have adopted! Plus, every now and then you’ll see Travel and Lifestyle posts about places I’ve been to and items I’m loving.

You may also notice a new section on my site, entitled ‘Portfolio’, this will be coming in the next couple of months and will be a collection of my photography and design work. Hence why my blog is now titled “Created by Adam Kay” – it is a curation of all my interests and all the things I enjoy creating.

My first post will be uploaded this weekend and I’m super excited to get this blog going again! I hope you are too. In the mean time, make sure to follow my social media pages for more regular updates and close insights into what I’m up to.

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