Festival Style

IMG_4205Sweatshirt LandscapeIMG_4314IMG_0835

This week a few friends, my girlfriend and I attended Fusion Festival, in Birmingham; an annual music festival held in Cofton Park. We had a great time and got to see some incredible acts including Dj Fresh and Ed Sheeran!

I wore some Super Skinny Jeans from River Island which are custom ripped on and above the knees. I paired this with a grey scoop neck t-shirt from All Saints. I liked the scoop neck because it has a ripped look to it which I thought went well with my jeans. As I’m in England the weather is completely unpredictable, even in summer, so I brought along an oversized red Timberland sweatshirt for during the day and evening if it were to get cold. I rolled up the end of the sleeves as it is oversized and I really like this look. Sticking with the Timberland theme I wore a pair of classic Timberland boots with my outfit because 1) they fit in with my style really well and 2) it wouldn’t matter if the park became very muddy, I would be prepared. Finally, I wore Ray-Ban’s Erika style sunglasses because as I mentioned earlier, English weather is very unpredictable!

I had a great time at Fusion Festival and was really pleased with my outfit as it remained comfortable, practical and stylish throughout the entire day.

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