Casual, monochrome summer look



Monochrome looks have become very popular recently and I am a huge fan, so I thought it only right to share a monochrome look that I’ve loved this summer. 
My t-shirt is from Topman and it features small black palm trees all over, with big block words reading “South Cali.” – I love the print and feel it just has a really summery feel to it. The sleeves are pre-rolled up, which just makes life so much easier, there’s no worry that they’re not the same length or that they’re falling down.

If it’s not clear already, I really like these black super skinny shorts, I have worn others though don’t worry, but for this monochrome look it was only right to pair the t-shirt with these! 

Finally, my shoes. These are Converse “Sawyer” Style low-tops in white leather, and I bloody love them. At first I was petrified to remove them from the box, in fear that I’d spill something all over them, but they’ve stayed pretty clean *takes sigh of relief*. They’re a very minimal style converse, which is really why I love them and I’ve not seen them around before which is an extra bonus!

PHOTO CREDIT: Eleanor Mills 


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