Hats & Hawaiian Prints – Smart Summer Look 2


River Island Hat / River Island Hawaiian Shirt / Topman Super Skinny Shorts / River Island Brogues / Storm Sunglasses

In my last post I shared a smart summer outfit, today’s post is a bit of a part 2. This look is a little more adventurous, due to the Hawaiian prints but if you’re willing to give it a go, I think it can definitely work. 

Once again, I went with simple, black super skinny shorts; they work well with everything and I really like the skinny fit. Also, I chose to wear my brown brogues, as I said in my last post they’re smart but still have a modern, clean look! 

I’ve often been scared to try more daring prints, which is why I went with this Hawaiian shirt. It incorporates the bold patterns, but uses more modest, neutral colours. 

The final thing I added to this outfit was my hat, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing hats at the  moment and really wanted to get one myself. After a while trying on different styles and colours I eventually settled for this brown coloured Fedora hat. I really like how it looks with this outfit; I think it is just a subtle but stylish add-on. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Eleanor Mills



    1. Apologies for the late reply Louis, wifi at the villa was terrible so only getting chance to check comments now! Hats, I found to be rather difficult, I struggled for a while with choosing a style as I felt none suited me. I had a look around and noticed that the style most people seemed to be rocking was a Fedora so I went to a couple of shops (Topman, Urban Outfitters, River Island) to try them on. Eventually, I found one in River Island that I liked. I think really you just have to choose the one you want to wear and grow into it. At first it probably will seem weird to you because you’re not used to it but eventually you’ll love it! Hope you manage to find one!


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