IMG_0580IMG_0599 copyA while back Woodbuds very kindly sent me a couple of pairs of their wooden earphones. Since receiving them I’ve pretty much made any kind of excuse to use them. I love them. My iTunes library has never sounded so crystal clear.

Woodbuds are naturally crafted, noise isolating in-ear headphones and I was pleasantly surprised when I put them in my ears for the first time and hit play on my music. For a pair of in-ear headphones their noise isolating technology is incredible. They completely drown out other sounds without even having your music on full volume, in-fact without any music on at all.IMG_0602 copyNormally in-ear headphones are my worst enemy, always fighting to stay in my ear. But Woodbuds come with 3 different sized ear tips to ensure they fit even the most obscure ear sizes. Now I can easily listen to my music, without hearing the rest of the world or having to carry round a bulky pair of headphones.IMG_0587Not only do Woodbuds sound great but they look great too! I’m a massive design enthusiast and love unique design. The wood on these headphones stands out so much from anything else I’ve seen on the market. As well as this, Woodbuds plant a tree for every 100 products sold because they believe in making  difference too. Woodbuds have a very small carbon footprint, meaning you can listen to your music in superior quality, through beautifully designed headphones, all whilst doing good for the planet.

I’m a huge fan of Woodbuds and consider them a daily essential. Make sure you go over to their website and check them out, they’re available in six awesome colours, I got mine in white and green, because the white will match anything and the green is really bold and different! Also, follow them on social media to keep up with their journey, and be sure to let them know I sent you there:

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This was a sponsored post. However ALL opinions mentioned were ENTIRELY my own. Thanks to Woodbuds  for sending me their headphones to review. If you have any PR enquiries please send them via my Contact page


  1. Thanks for commenting on the noise-isolating technology, sound quality, and fit. You said Woodbuds sent you a pair of earphones awhile back. Could you tell me how long you’ve had them and if they still work? Perhaps you could comment on how long they will last.

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    1. Hey Fiona,
      Thanks for the comment! I’ve had my Woodbuds for nearly 4 months and they’re still in perfect condition, not a single fault. I use them everyday and when they’re not in use they’re either in my bag or in my pocket, so they get around quite a bit and I would happily say that they’re just as good as they were fresh out of the box. I hope this helps, have a good day 🙂


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