Introducing: Maxwell Scott Bags

Photo Set For BlogOnce I saw Maxwell Scott’s products I was immediately excited to work with them. Their products are extremely well designed a look absolutely incredible. Maxwell Scott are a luxury leather goods brand, based in York – UK. They were founded in 2002 by William Forshaw and fuse British design with Italian craftsmanship. Maxwell Scott’s products range from men’s briefcases and luggage to women’s handbags and accessories, and I love them.

The reason the company began was because the founder, William Forshaw noticed that not many of his colleague had proper bags for work, instead they just used plastic bags. After noticing this he realised there was a gap in the market for high quality briefcases. Since starting, the company have expanded and now produce a wide range of bags and accessories.

They use premium Italian leather that’s tanned completely naturally to create all of their products. They’re extremely high quality and any marks and scratches can be simply buffed off, which means the leather develops a beautiful patina over time, so really their products just get better and better with age.

Maxwell Scott have spent the past year rebranding and they are now showing off their brand new image, with a new website and newly launched blog. They also have a range of upcoming products that they’ll be releasing in the future. I really love all of Maxwell Scott’s products, they’ve got an awesome range that suits any occasion. A quick overnight trip, a long-haul flight, a walk down to your local coffee shop, they’ve got it all. So make sure you go over to to check them out and also follow them on their social media: @maxwellscottbags

This was a sponsored post. However all opinions mentioned were entirely my own. Special thanks to Maxwell Scott.

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