My Inspirations

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetFor quite some time now I have enjoyed watching vloggers and reading blogs and they all played some part in inspiring me to start my own blog/vlog. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about them and why they inspire me.

Steve Booker

Steve is one of my biggest inspirations, he is a mens fashion and lifestyle blogger and we have really similar interests which is why he inspires me so much. Steve is the reason I made my own blog and I am extremely grateful knowing he has read my blog. He is also the winner of Company Magazine’s ‘Best Male Style Blog’ and he deserves it so much. Not only does his blog inspire me but his photography and filmmaking skills are amazing. Steve’s attitude to life is absolutely great and I look up to him and hope to be as successful as he is. Not only that, he’s a coffee lover, which makes Steve even cooler!

Ben Brown

Ben is one of Steve’s close friends and he posts daily vlogs on his YouTube channel as well as the occasional ‘Visual Vibes’ when he travels. Ben, like Steve, has a great attitude to life and he inspires me a great deal. Although Ben posts videos every day of his life for us all to see he still manages to create them in a unique and interesting style and he always tries his absolute hardest to upload great content, I have re-watched so many of his vlogs and visual vibes countless times because they give me great creativity and inspiration for my own filmmaking.

Alfie Deyes

Alfie was one of the first YouTubers I started watching and since then I’ve seen his channel grow and grow and now he has over 3 million subscribers, over 100 million views, has released his own book and since then been on a number of tv shows! I am really proud of how well Alfie is doing and he inspires me a lot, to do what makes you happy and stick with it, because it could turn out amazing. I am really excited to see what Alfie’s got coming in the future.

All of these people are huge inspirations to me and if you haven’t already you should go and check them out, they’re all awesome people creating awesome things and I can’t wait to see what’s next for all of them. I know this post is a little different from normal but I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks.


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