Back To School Essentials


This Friday I will be going back to school, for one day before it’s the weekend but still, back to school. This is my final year in high school, which means I’m going to need to work hard, pay attention and revise well.  I am quite an organised person, so I like to make sure I’ve got all the things that I need with me in my bag, and I’ve compiled a list of all my essentials for you…

This year I got my bag from ASOS, I really like the style and it’s really well made and sturdy, which is what you need for a bag you’re going to be carrying round 5 days a week. Also, it’s really well priced for a bag of this size and quality.

Like I said previously I am quite organised so I always bring with me a couple of notebooks in case I need to take any notes in classes where I don’t have an exercise book. I have 2 notebooks, one is from Cereal Magazine and the other is from Etsy. Both are great.

This is the pencil-case I had last year too, but it was in good condition so I decided to stick with it for this year as well. It is from the Waldo Pancake collection, which you can buy in John Lewis, and it says “My name’s Kevin and I’ll be your pencil-case until you lose me or something.” I love the Waldo Pancake collection, it’s really quirky and funny, I’ve got a few of their items.

When your phone dies it is the worst thing, so I always make sure I have my iPhone charger in my bag, just incase my phone does die whilst I’m in school. I also bring my headphones with me, for lessons when we are on the computers or the teacher says we can listen to music, I don’t want to not have headphones when that happens.

Last but not least, body spray, I like to keep this in my bag in case I feel a bit hot and sweaty, or have forgotten to use aftershave in the morning. It’s just nice to feel a bit refreshed and smell nice throughout the day.

Another thing that is important is water! I always make sure I’ve got a bottle of water in my bag with me, it’s impossible to go all day without a drink.

If you’re going back to school soon, good luck and I hoped you enjoyed seeing what my essentials are. What are your ‘Back To School Essentials’?




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