Wreck This Journal… Everywhere

I have had a ‘Wreck This Journal’ for a whole year now and I’ve loved it, in fact once I’d completely wrecked it… I bought a second journal, so I could wreck it all over again. But… 
Recently whilst browsing the shelves of W H Smiths I spotted a tiny little book on the end of a shelf entitled ‘Wreck This Journal. Everywhere’. I was thrilled. I quickly grabbed the book and flicked through the pages, all new ways to wreck, in a scaled down pocket sized journal. I glanced at the price (£5.99) and hurried to the counter. I could not wait to begin wrecking my new journal.
If you aren’t sure what a “Wreck This Journal” is, it’s a book, but not a reading book it is more of an activity book that has instructions on each page for you to complete. There are things like: “Climb Up High. Drop The Journal”, “Rub Here With Dirt”, “Make A Mark Everytime You Spot A Bird”.
Keri Smith does a whole range of cool, unique books such as “The Pocket Scavenger” and I’d love to have a go at all of them one day!
I’ll be posting more about my new journal as I start to complete it. I really would recommend the Keri Smith books I think they’re awesome, they’re so fun and creative for everyone.


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