Coffee Time

I love the whole process of coffee. I love to make coffee and drink coffee and for a while I’d been making my coffee with a French Press, but last month for my birthday I got a ‘DēLonghi Motivo’ Traditional Pump Espresso Maker. I have used my espresso maker, everyday since I’ve had it, and can safely say it makes a good cup.

Since I’d been loving the machine so much I thought I’d make a short video of the machine in use…

I would easily recommend this machine to any coffee enthusiast, it’s easy to use, makes a nice cup of coffee, and when it comes to Espresso Makers they can be quite expensive, but this is one of the less expensive machines, but that does not mean to say it is not just as good.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my videos as well as blog posts, I’ve certainly enjoyed making them. Make sure to Subscribe to my channel for more soon, and be sure to let me know if you have any ideas for videos/blog posts.



  1. The first time I visit your blog, and I see a post about coffee! Horray! I love coffee; it’s what keeps me going, and fuels my writing. And on a side note, I am absolutely flat-out addicted to Starbucks! Hopefully I’ll get a Starbucks Gold Card shortly…


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