As every teenager does, I get bad skin, constant outbreaks of spots all over my face. It’s annoying. However recently I’ve found my skin has been much cleaner, healthier and less spotty. This is because I’ve started to use LUSH products for my skin. After going into the shop and speaking to the lovely staff there I left with 4 items for my skin: Fresh Farmacy; Tea Tree Water; Grease Lightning and Tea Tree Toner Tabs.




Fresh Farmacy:

‘Fresh Farmacy’ is a skin cleanser, it’s just like a big triangular chunk of soap, and I wash my face with it twice daily. It’s excellent. I bought a 100g block of the cleanser and it has easily lasted a good 3 months and you can really tell it washes your face well, getting rid of the dirt properly leaving your face squeaky clean after rinsing the soap off.

Tea Tree Water:

‘Tea Tree Water’ is one of LUSH’s toner waters. The staff in LUSH recommended that I used a few sprays of the Tea Tree Water directly on my face, after washing to ensure all the dirt was gone and to keep away bacteria that causes spots. The LUSH toner waters can also be used at anytime of the day to refresh skin and for girls remove their makeup at the end of the day.

Grease Lightning:

‘Grease Lightning’ is a spot treatment from LUSH and it comes in the form of a gel. I use Grease Lightning at night after washing my face and I put it directly onto my spots. It works amazingly, depending on the spot size it normally works within 1-2 days. Grease Lightning can be put on spots as regularly as you like throughout the day, I just choose to use it before I go to bed.

Tea Tree Toner Tabs:

This is the second tea tree product I have from LUSH. However, I only use the Toner Tabs once a month just to refresh my skin and it always leaves it feeling 100% clean and healthy. To use the Toner Tabs you have to place one in a bowl of boiling water and steam your face over it, once the water is cooled you can use a flannel to rinse your face with the remaining water.

I would recommend all of these products from LUSH, they have helped my skin so much from the day I started using them. Although LUSH is quite an expensive shop I would say that the products are well worth the money and definitely do what they’re supposed to. Also, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that LUSH is for girls, but really most of the LUSH products are 100% unisex, so go ahead, try it out!



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