Summer Evening Wear

Smarter Summer Evening Outift…

Whenever I go out for a meal on a summer evening I always make more of an effort and have a smarter outfit. For this evening out with friends I chose to wear:

20140729-084914 pm-74954036.jpg
20140729-084912 pm-74952938.jpg
20140729-084912 pm-74952104.jpg
20140729-084914 pm-74954624.jpg
I bought the shirt and brogues recently from River Island as they were both in the sale at the time. I decided to wear a shirt because I wanted to be a little smarter. However, I really love the grandad collar shirt because I think it makes the outfit a little more casual, for a relaxed evening out. I also love the white chunky sole on the brogues, I think it’s a nice modern twist on a classic shoe. I chose shorts for the evening as it was incredibly warm, and I felt it made my outfit a bit more casual, as I didn’t want to look over dressed. I brought along a sweatshirt to wear over my shirt as it got cooler throughout the evening. I really love this simple grey sweatshirt, which I actually purchased for only £4 in an outlet shop, but you can find a similar one in the link above.



  1. I love this post! Greattttt shoes! I like how you put the arrows in to show where things were from. It would definitely appeal more to a male audience that isn’t interested in wasting a lot of time shopping!


    1. Thank you very much. I thought the arrows would be helpful for people and a nice touch to the photos. And yes definitely, I think it would definitely be helpful for a guy who wants a nice, stylish summer outfit but doesn’t want to spend lots of time looking round for one.


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