MacBook Sleeve Review

I’ve been loving Etsy at the moment and recently I purchased a stunning felt sleeve for my MacBook Pro…


When choosing device accessories style is really important for me. I want my device to be protected but still look good and fit in with my style, and after going into the Apple Store I was fairly disappointed at the lack of variety. So I took to Etsy.

I bought a sleeve from a shop called UR-PICK. Molly the owner makes a range of sleeves for laptops, iPad’s, iPhone’s etc, using felt. I love the shop.
My sleeve is absolutely perfect for what I need it for, it fits the laptop really nicely and protects it well because of the thick felt material. The brown colour against the grey really adds a nice touch to the style and look of the sleeve.
It also has a handy pocket in front of where the laptop goes for notebooks, pens etc.
I am so happy with the sleeve I chose, it does it’s job perfectly, it’s extremely well made, it suits my style and not only that all the items on the shop are really well priced, they’re not expensive at all, considering some cases in the Apple Store will cost £30!
It just shows that the most expensive is not always the best. I would easily recommend Molly’s shop so check it out!
I also love that on Etsy you can talk firsthand to the seller, and talk to them as they’re making your product and give them your feedback afterwards, it’s a really great online shop!


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