The Fault In Our Stars

OMG. THE FEELS. This weekend I went to watch The Fault In Our Stars, with my girlfriend for my birthday. After reading the book at the start of this year and absolutely loving it, I was dying to see the film. I was quite worried though, what if it didn’t live up to the book? What if they’d changed the storyline too much? What if Hazel and Gus weren’t the same Hazel and Gus I wanted them to be? 

WOW. The cinema was absolutely packed we only just managed to get seats next to each other, there were 2 on the very front row and I’m not surprised it was so busy because it was incredible, it was just as I imagined everything would be. I was really glad that the storyline was almost exactly as the book. I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved it, although it will never be as good as the book it was still just amazing. I cried through about half of it, but also it made me smile a lot.  I want to thank John Green for writing such an incredible, meaningful and moving story and all the actors and producers of the film, because they portrayed each character so well. If you haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars… YOU NEED TO. I’m serious. It is honestly the best book I’ve ever read. It’s so realistic and true to life. Just Read It Already!! Then once you’ve done that see the film. DO NOT WATCH BEFORE READING!!!! You will not be emotionally prepared.

I even managed to get a picture of the kiss for you guys. Sorry for the bad quality it was taken on my iPhone.




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